©Heidi Cavazos 2023

Mind Folders

“The Catalan Coast”


This project surfaced as a way to fiscally capture the images my mind takes and stores in it. It stores places I would like to go to when my mind gets too loud, when my body trembles and hands sweat. As if they were being stored in a hard drive, I constantly keep “mind folders” of things that make me feel at peace and safe. I wish I could just blink and take a picture I could relive forever in my mind when it needs to escape itself or reality.
It started as an exploration of places I felt the urge to capture, without me consciously knowing the reason behind this urge. I assumed it was the light, the architecture or composition that I could make out of a space that made me want to take a photo, but the absence of other people, the peaceful loneliness of the environment and the reiteration of the blue sky made me notice that it was the pattern of things that make me feel safe. I was dealing with constant anxiety throughout the development of the project when I started connecting the dots. It was a reflection of my mental state and needs. It was me all along trying to finally bring my mind folders’ contents to a physical world and further reflect on myself.

Special thanks to: Jaime Cavazos, Claudia García, Carla Sabaté, Lidia Ros and Carla Roch.

Photography: Heidi Cavazos

Colorists: Lidia Ros and Heidi Cavazos